A Sixty-Second Rant Born of a Comment I Made a Week Ago

Rentschler_Farm_Museum_Saline_MichiganThe great American tragedy, Gene, is the fact that the farms you describe here (“genuine, small working farms with livestock and chickens, fields and barns, gardens, an orchard, a strawberry patch, the 1950s-era farms that many of us grew up on”) have disappeared to become mere museums pieces. That plus the accompanying fact that so few Americans care about their disappearance or even think about it.

But why should they? They have malls and double-wides and 10,000 Dunkin’ Donuts. They have green beans in cans for 69 cents. They have widescreen TVs in every room and double-wide asses to lounge on as they watch.

The art and craft of traditional small-scale farming? It’s inherent healthfulness and direct connection to actual food? Its eternal dance with earth and land and the four seasons?

But of course. Who cares about such trivialities when you can Twitter every five seconds. And biggy-size ad nauseum. When you can thrill on the thought of facebooking on Mars.

Maybe even be first!

Facebooking on Mars!

4 responses to “A Sixty-Second Rant Born of a Comment I Made a Week Ago

  1. Not sure who you are ranting at but I think I had an identical conversation with someone a few days ago!

  2. Rant on! Our society is exchanging something wholesome and valuable for things that are lives characterized by obesity, disease and abject dependence upon others. We need more ranting like this.

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  4. We have an “agricultural museum” just down the road from us for people to learn about “old times.” We’re determined to keep going on our farm, even with development all around us. Thank you for your right-on rant!

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