Maybe You Know But Don’t Care

Maybe you don’t know where your meat comes from. Maybe you know but don’t care. Maybe you’ve never thought about it. Maybe you like convenience. Maybe you like saving $2.54 at the WalmartSuperStore. Maybe you think it’s all about elitism. Maybe you think animals were God-given to us to do with as we please. Maybe you think all the ugly stuff they put in the factory feed actually ends up keeping you extra joyful. Maybe you think 32,000 turkeys snug in one factory are like 32 teeth snug in your mouth. Maybe you think the drive out to the local small farm will pollute the earth more than the trip to Walmart. Maybe you just like Walmart. All that mega-built junk from China makes you feel fuzzy inside. And mega-built meat, too. Maybe.

bills goat

Those goats directly above, one mom and two little ones? Those small-farm lovelies are my friend Bill’s goats. As you can see, Bill’s goats have got room. Bill’s doing it right. When Bill’s goats run, they run on grass. When they sleep, they sleep on grass. If they get thirsty, and they do, they never have to wait in line.


Bill Guerrant’s excellent farm blog is here:

11 responses to “Maybe You Know But Don’t Care

  1. Well said, Friend, well said. Mindfulness is what makes this life meaningful.

  2. Mindfulness, yes. When farming, fixing a bike, when confronting our detractors. Always. Thanks farmgirl.

  3. Thanks bro. We try to do right by our goats, in exchange for and in honor of their contribution to our farm’s sustainability. We don’t always do as well as we could, but we try. For those other places an animal is just a machine, or an economic unit, from whom maximum value must be extracted as quickly and as cheaply as possible, without regard to anything else. May the day soon arrive when such places are just an ugly memory from a misguided past.

  4. I love this – simple, to the point, and brutally honest. I struggle with discussing food and farming with people, because so many people think “cage free eggs” means cage-free eggs. Or that our meat comes from farms that are similar to the local, real farms that you drive by on a scenic trip. It’s disheartening, but I also know that bit by bit, more people will take notice of the truth and hopefully do something to respond to it.

  5. Thanks, Caitlin. Here is a new book you may be interested in. I read an excerpt from it and liked a lot.

  6. Can’t wait to check it out. Looks so good!

  7. Sad fact that people these days have no idea what real food looks like, or what it tastes like, or where it comes from. That montage of factory farm pics is amazing. How we ever got there is perplexing.

  8. Thanks for stopping by VP. It is indeed a sad fact. carry on, friend

  9. goingplacesbr

    yeah, but THEY won;t eat goat!!! horrors!!! Never ate it but they KNOW it tastes funny. (maybe compared to the horsemeat they bought at Aldi’s)

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