Once last summer when days were warm and girls wore flowers in their hair.

q at wall

Or that crazy little thing called love.

9 responses to “Once last summer when days were warm and girls wore flowers in their hair.

  1. We have a book called, Rain Player by David Wisniewski. It is not bad and my son likes it. I mention it because it features quetzals (not near as beautiful as this one).

  2. Can you come and build rock walls at our house? You can stay in our bunk house. It’s 75 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night. California is on another planet. I’ve often thought that if we weren’t so old (63 and 62) and broke-down that we could have lots of stonewalls. Have you ever seen “Rivers and Tides”? It’s a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy that came out years ago. I think of that when I see your stonewalls. PS your daughter is absolutely gorgeous. Reminds me of my daughter when she was that age.

    • Once, say when you and yours were 33 and 32, I lived in California. Balboa Island and elsewhere.
      Building stone walls is like writing sentences: one stone at a time and make sure it’s the right stone.

      • Tru dat! Isn’t it wonderful how life instructions are all so intertwined and work well no matter the discipline? We’re in Northern California but I know where Balboa Island is. Nice down there. Except for Too Many People now.

  3. Layers of beauty. I imagine that all resonate particularly strongly with those of us who are currently buried in snow and in love with our own children. The home of my dreams has included stone walls ever since my husband took me to Ireland and England to propose that we get married. They are such a beautiful expression of simple labor, but I know enough to know that even the simplest tasks require a level of skill and craftsmanship particular to their purpose.

  4. This captured moment gladdens my heart, and makes me think things will be all right…

  5. What beautiful things you have made and are making.

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