Beautiful Henhouse 50/50

The red hen’s nest is only an indentation, a mere dimple in hay, but it’s enough. She attends to her eggs there, clucks her clucks; she stirs a little, naps a little, she peeks from one slitted eye. Plus, should she allow it, you might even add your hand. But pray be mindful about that hand. For while the red hen may allow it, she may just as well disallow it. Which is to say yours could be a warm egg to lessen the cold by, or an in-your-face hissy w/ egg-splatter across your shoe. It’s a risk, pure 50/50. It’s not Wall Street. But my god, friend, how much more beautiful and meaningful it is.

One response to “Beautiful Henhouse 50/50

  1. remembering. We had a hen house, reds – Route 1, Graham, NC, 50s and 1960s

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