Chins Up, Homesteaders!

Just came across this. From the Wall Street Journal Magazine.

Chins up, guys. Really.

Can This Mask Make Jet Lag a Thing of the Past?

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, funded by Stanford and NASA, claims to have a cure for your long-haul travel hangover


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With soul, creativity, and love

I came across a new word yesterday in a deli in Dover.  It was written in large on the wall next to where I ordered my sandwich:

MERAKI  (may-rah-kee) (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

I looked at and studied the word meraki  for the full length of time I was in the deli. My phone informed me that meraki  is a contemporary Greek word. I especially like the second part of the definition:

To put something of yourself into your work.

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Parading Three-as-One

Last night after dinner, my wife, daughter and I circled around the table and knocked out signs for today’s Women’s March in Portsmouth, NH. This is what I came up with:

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Life Will Out

The coldest place on earth reached -88 the other day: Oymakon, Siberia was the place. 500 people live there, raw fish eaters all of them, and one of those hardy 500 is the girl in the photo. Anastasia Gruzdeva is her name. She’s 14. The photo is a selfie, a good one. Continue reading

Kin to Volcanoes

From the top of Guatemala’s Acatenango Volcano (13,000’) you can see for a long way. Mexico is to the north; the Pacific is to the west; everywhere there are steep-hilled Mayan villages and fields; there is a handful of smaller volcanoes; and holding it all together finger-like are rambling, off-white Guatemalan cities.

I was on Acatenago this past Tuesday just before dark. There were eight of us, and we had been most of the day climbing. But now, suddenly, we were there, we had summited, and whole of this Guatemalan otherworldliness lay before us. Continue reading