With Winterberry Lips


Quetzal rolled out the year’s first snowman this week, and here he is, bright-eyed and hopeful. I think he’s hopeful, although it could be he’s sad or maybe curious. You’ll notice he seems to be looking at something, something above him. That’s because he is. He’s looking at Quetzal. She’s stepped back for a second just now because she’s thinking about replacing his yellow nose with a green nose. She’s got the green one there in her glove. But the snowman, she senses, doesn’t like green. He likes yellow. It’s just that he can’t find the words to tell her so. And he can’t motion his feelings, either. So she’s stuck. She wants green, the snowman wants yellow, what to do. It’s his eyes, see. She can’t take her eyes off his eyes. She’s drowning almost in the pathos of them. Her little snowman with no arms even. But with light in one eye. And red winter berry lips.

10 responses to “With Winterberry Lips

  1. His look reminds me of a loyal dog waiting for his instructions. Love that hat! He will come alive tonight after we’re all asleep and will wander the property making friends with all the critters.

  2. Quetzal has the soul of an artist – to take such at hand materials available and to bring about such an entity with so much heart and presence This little personage seems to be looking forward to a good winter ahead to share with all of tou. G

  3. Do you watch “The Snowman” together. Every year it is still my favourite :).

  4. Little animist. I love the green, green grass around the snowman.

  5. I love the way he is looking up into the sky, hoping for more snow maybe, and I love the little buttons Quetzal added to his chest, and I love the persistence of children to scrape of every bit of grassy snow to build a friend. May her magic always keep her company.

  6. Hello Bee in the Desert. Yes to her magic, indeed. May it keep all of us company.

  7. Grackle: more animism, less trump

  8. The viewing is set for later tonight. me, her, mom. The family that santas together stays together

  9. You should see Q with the animals each morning. Where we live it’s homecoming each morning.

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