This Man Leaping


I’m back with a photo. I went looking for something, and here’s what I found: This man leaping. It’s by Andre Kertesz. Who I had never heard of. But then there’s lots and lots of photographers, of course. But you dig and dig and sometimes you find something. A photo worth spending time with. Why? Because you can look at it and look at it. Like you can read a book and reread the book. Or listen to a song and re-listen to the song. Dylan, Monk, Monroe, Bach, the moon, if the moon can be deemed a song. Which it can. I’ll take the moon’s song foremost every time. But this man leaping… Fingers like a woman’s, naked on a hilltop somewhere with heavy weather coming/going who can tell which. Leaping. Between greenery. A dervish. Knee aligned with elbow aligned with fingers floating. Look close and see his nose. This man leaping for no purpose whatsoever except that his soul must leap. And mine, too. That’s why I keep looking. He leaps his way, I mine. We save ourselves that way. Never come down. Just kind of permanently leap leap leap. And you, too, reader. Longing. Dreaming. Desiring. Hoping. Leaping.

6 responses to “This Man Leaping

  1. Am familiar with Kertesz but not this photo, thanks for posting — he looks like a faun, leaping in pure joy in the moment.

  2. or a satyr trying to win his horns and hooves…

  3. indeed, chris g. a satyr. the resemblance, the hint, is remarkable

  4. Hello Diary. It’s good hear from you. I remember when you gave me an unusual winter tomato (at the Exeter winter market).

  5. This is why I love black and white photography more than color most of the time. The joy in the darkroom seeing this image develop must have been big. It would have been big if it were in my darkroom.

  6. Good day RLB.
    “Color is everything, black and white is more.” Dominic Rouse

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