Who Are You Going With, Guys?

Last night a curious thing happened while I was looking over (online) the many 2017 seed catalogues that are coming out these days. Actually, it was the catalogues’ cover art that most interested me. As most of you know, small seed companies have a long history of featuring garden-themed art on the covers of their yearly catalogues, and many small, contemporary seed companies continue that tradition. Here are a few examples (2017) that I found last night:

But like I said, something curious happen last night just as I was logging off.  I clicked on something (I was meaning to exit), when instantly up came this photo:


It’s an arresting photo, and after looking closely at that line of faces, and trying to understand, I read the caption. This is what I read:

Several seed company executives testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, including, from left, James Collins, a DuPont executive vice president; Dow AgroSciences CEO Tim Hassinger, Syngenta chief Erik Fyrwald, Bayer CropScience’s Jim Blome and Monsanto chief technology officer Robert Fraley.

Seedmen. Executive seedmen. Seedmen of colossal influence. Seedmen of mega-seed companies who control (t0 a large extent) what the world’s farmers plant and what the world’s people eat.

Look at them. Do they look like men who care about seeds? Who love seeds? Who plant seeds. Who know seeds? Who fret each spring about which variety of seeds to plant? Who tend the crops that emerge from the seeds planted? Who eat real live vegetables?

And finally: compare these faces, these men, to the catalogue covers. Who are you going with, guys? The frowny men or the girl high in the canoe, the young girl and her dog? Who’s the better guide? Who is it who will to get us there?



4 responses to “Who Are You Going With, Guys?

  1. Do they look like men who know seeds, to say nothing of caring about them? The answer is a grievous and resounding “no.” So sad.

  2. All those guys need to shuck the suit and get on grubby overalls and wear baseball caps. They’d look a lot better and they might even crack a smile. The suits are strangulating their waist bands and throats.

    I hope you guys know that the seed covers could have been created by a Design Dept employee of one of those frowny men. Unless it’s a small family seed business. Those seed companies could be subsidiaries. You know, the Langolier Seed Company. (ref. Stephen King)

    They’re crafty, insidious buggers. So read the fine print.

  3. I trully feel sad looking at the sturdy faced gentlemen, who do not look happy to be in their seats. The misery it took to get to those seats… It is sad how we disconnected from our hearts and ourselves, and sliced off these stiff immovable bodies of us away from the miracles of Life and Earth. The viscious cycle, dead hearts producing and consuming dead food, dead food feeding dead hearts..
    Thank you for tending live vegetables, Will. It really does make a difference in bringing us back to life, one radish at a time.

  4. I am for the small, caring companies. Yes. But Renee-Lucie is right, we need to be careful to check which ones those really are, so that we do not get duped by any big seed corporations who have charming catalog covers.

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