Sometimes You Just Write Until You Stop

So I say here’s what we do. We’ll start right now:

We will always be considerate. We will always be gentle. We will remember people’s names and respect their ideas. With our partners, especially, we will never speak with tone or say, I told you so.

When we screw up, we’ll admit it. When we’re wrong, we’ll admit it. We will never postpone the announcement of our failures.

We will understand that, while greed can destroy us, compassion can save us. We will understand that stuff, the accumulation of stuff, inevitably leads to dissatisfaction and lethargy.

We will live near windows. We will live near trees. We will swim in the oceans and wade across small brooks.

We will eat real food. We will know real farmers. Our children will race across fields and stand beside spring heifers.

What we start we will finish. What we restart we will finish better. Having restarted and restarted we will pump our fists and show our best yet: simplicity.

By the witness of our own lives will our kids’ lives be impossible to knock over.

We will work with what is. We will grow where we’re planted. Change upon change will not rattle us, not rattle us one whit.

See us walking through forests and also along Wall Street. See us entering curious, yet exiting still more so.

We will live in the moment. We will live there 1 million times. 1 million times see us living in the moment.

We will visit our ailing parents. We will change their soiled diapers. We will wheel them out, outside, out from their confines, out to where the sun lives, the easterly winds.

Handy with books; handy with ideas; handy with hands; handy with health; handy with earth; handy with age; handy with mortality; handy with faith; handy with doubt; handy with hope; handy with two long plantings of asparagus and the breadth of Saturn’s moons.

We will abide no trivialities. We will track them down. We will dig in our hair and under our fingernails. We will bore through to the depths of our habits. Not one triviality will slip away, nay, not even the quick ones. All will be found and smooshed.

When it’s cold, we will not complain: We will dress in warm clothing. When it’s hot, we will not complain: We will dress in light-colored dresses. When we come to die, we will not complain: We will have long anticipated it.

Authenticity will precede us. Authenticity will precede us everywhere. Always when we go and too when we get there…authenticity.

12 responses to “Sometimes You Just Write Until You Stop

  1. ❤ We will giggle with joy of children watching 10 hummingbirds in a thousand colors buzz about our heads. 🙂

  2. That is the best list of New Year’s Resolutions I have ever seen! (and I hate resolutions) May I post this on my wall? (sorry, already done).

    We could do this. We are already doing it (for the most part). Whatever you give your attention to grows stronger in your life. Love.

    Blessings to you, Small Farmer!

  3. And if we falter: Da Capo al Fine.

  4. Renee-Lucie Benoit, you are among the kindest yet.

  5. Nicole August: Grazie per la visita. Buona fortuna con la tua arte.

  6. I’m with you! Thanks so much. This will be copied down in our family journal . Peace!

  7. I plan to read this at least once a week throughout the year ahead. This is stunning. May I share this with some friends? BTW, I plan to do some smooshing this year! Thank you Wilmer.

  8. Hello Susan. And David, too. As we smoosh so do we elevate, as we empty so do we fill (feel).

    Sharing is kindness. see you soon

  9. Farm Chick, I am pleased to share your online time with Ben. thanks

  10. Parla italiano?! As always, I enjoyed your post, Will. A manifesto worth its salt. Also the tagline above: Simple as possible, but not simpler. Grazie.

  11. I couldn’t find the words to comment earlier, when you posted this, but wanted to let you know that I come back to this and read it often.

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