One Life Ours

Having looked at this photo for most of the winter, I’ve decided that what the world most needs is just this: leaping in, stepping out in the morning by 6:15, shucking our shoes, our fears, our inhibitions, and free-falling 30′ down to where trout live and hard-to-see snails. And floating on the surface water just above our heads a few yellow leaves.


Photo: Cory Arnold

6 responses to “One Life Ours

  1. Mariel DeLacy

    Hi Plough Monday !! I have been touched by your blog for about a year now and I really appreciate your posts.. They are infrequent but you seem to put your heart into them when you do post and I love that ! I also love your honesty.. I do not mean to put you on a pedestal ! I’m just observing the randomness of your posting and am curious if you have any advice or comment on how or why you post, if you like having a blog, and maybe what value it brings to you. I am a young farmer looking to make a change in my life and am considering traveling among other options. I’ve thought blogging could be a great thing to start. Do you post when you are inspired ? Thank you for any response at all, Mariel

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  2. OK!! We walked on Arizona rocks barefoot today and girl said: “they made holes in my feet.” One way to holiness for sure.
    I am happy to see you are leaping. ❤

  3. I agree with you. I’ll do all of that except the free-falling. I’ll let the young ‘uns do that part!

  4. Vicariously via the young’uns. You’re in RLB!

  5. More holes in more feet, Bee. Let there bee wholes…

  6. Hello Mariel D. Your are kind and generous. May you be kind and generous until the end.

    Why do I blog? I blog because sometimes I get overly nervous, or because sometimes I like to play with words, or because sometimes I need to say something and there’s no one to say it to, or because I’ve had a few beers, or because I love the earth and wish to share my earth-love, or because my daughter amazes me, or because maybe I’m a bit pissed off, or maybe because a first sentence lands directly in the front of my head and I want to follow it because good first sentences are like divine intervention and one must never slight divine intervention.

    Farming is right up there with divine intervention. You may not understand that fact upon reading this but small-scale farming done right easily surpasses every second of Hollywood, Trump, Wall Street, $1,000,000, and even good TV.

    Traveling is worth every bit of loneliness and heartbreak it engenders. I am torn between traveling and my farm, but the fact is my farm wins most of the time.

    A good way to travel is to hole up somewhere for awhile.Moving moving moving is not traveling.

    A good way to farm is to hole up somewhere away from the road. Tomatoes and peas loath the sight and sound of cars.

    Mariel: Do it this way: A life of the hand, a life of the mind.

    Thank you for your kind words. Will

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