Totally Against Waiting


This is the fine post my blogger friend Ben Hewitt posted yesterday:

Every day I drive the gravel road toward home, from one outing or another, and I see the flush of green creeping slowly up the mountain. Every day a little greener, a little higher. At home I feed the cows from the remaining reserves of hay, watch for a moment as they curl their long tongues around a chosen tuft, then retract the tongue and chew in that slow, side-to-side way of ruminants. Ignoring me. For what good am I now? They have their hay, and tomorrow must seem a long ways off.

It’s ok. They’ll like me again in the morning.


This is the comment that a reader named Clair left upon reading Ben’s post:

I love this life! Waiting for retirement!


This is my comment to Clair upon reading his/her comment:

Why wait, Clair?


This is what jumped full-frontal into my mind just now (via Shakespeare):

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the last syllable of recorded time… .


Which is to say (and I’m commenting again):

Let’s each of us act now and now and now.

Ben’s post is here:

In the Morning

8 responses to “Totally Against Waiting

  1. One day in Wales I realized that Time Waits For No One. I saw ancient tombstones there. I thought “what will be written on mine?” Maybe “She got all her errands done!” What a load of crap I said to myself, returned home and did an about face. Soon enough the grave will come and what will your tombstone say?

  2. … because now is all we have …

  3. Will, you always have the best quotes. Thank you for that.
    I am happy to see many retired folks realize their dreams though. Just talked to my neighbor who is a vegetarian and grows almost all her food supply for her and her husband in the 1/3 acre arid lot, with great ingenuity. She too, achieved this passion chiefly after retirement, due to various situations with work, location changes, etc. Sometimes there are mortgages, kids to feed, sometimes there are hard decisions, like should kids stay with their father or with the sheep, when fathers and sheep won’t mix… Good thing there are always raised beds. Good thing there are generous folks who say, come ride horses with us. Good thing there are always passionate people. God bless them.

  4. I’m totally against as well.
    A couple quotes that have helped me:
    “You can always come back to now” and “You can never come back to now” – Chris G
    “Why is their reality any less valid than yours?” – Ben Hewitt, on his kids’ unconventional upbringing

  5. Thanks, Scott. It’s always good to stir Chris and Ben into the mix.

  6. Bee. I totally agree. Life is more than messy for all of us. But still. True passions must find an out. If not, they fester and weaken us. Better to bring them out long before retirement if only on Sunday afternoons.

  7. Ben Hewitt

    Hi Will,
    I am glad you liked that short piece of writing, and I hope all is well over in your neck of the woods.

  8. Susan Curtis

    I happen to like waiting. The long wait of watching the garden erupt or the first snow to fall. I also like the wait at the dentist office when I am not responsible for anything and can just browse a magazine. I like the anticipation that comes with waiting for something special. There are lots of “waits” that I enjoy.

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