Pity Me For Not Doing Likewise

I have the good fortune of living with a girl who acts out this kind of thing every day of her life: hanging upside down, jumping into ponds, slack-dressing the cat, hiding under the bed with a flashlight and two hamsters.

Pity me for not doing likewise.

So how is it that we come to filter our lives of every shade of upside-downness? Of trading in every free-form energy for some saltless formality?  No undies showing, no bare feet, no dirty knees…

It’s a universal loss for all of us, I’d say, what with these 50 years living by rote and dreaming of riches, of sitting on our asses fattening.  Far better to hang upside down and shout at a right-side up pig.

Did you notice the pig? The thing about kids is they always notice the pig.



6 responses to “Pity Me For Not Doing Likewise

  1. Will, I just wanted to say how much I love your writing and the photographs you bring us to enjoy. This photo reminds me of Lithuania, where old rusty 60-year-old structures once erected by Soviet builders for the folks to bring their rugs and beat the dust out of the rugs, are usually better used by kids in this very fashion. 🙂
    I would not be I, without my need for scientific proof. I showed this photo to my 9 year old girl as she lay next to me ill, feverish, with a cold towel on her forehead. What do you see?, I asked. A pig!, she says. Neither sickness, nor small cellphone screen can hide a pig from a child’s eye. 🙂

  2. Good one, Will.

  3. Thanks, Bee. And also for your email, All the best.

  4. Hello Chris. Thanks for looking in.

  5. It’s because we believe the lie we are told about what adulthood is. It’s not supposed to mean shriveling up and dying inside. It’s supposed to mean becoming emotionally mature and having the skills to do in this life what we are meant to do—which hopefully includes a lot of hanging upside down. We don’t notice the pig because we’re too (quietly) jealous of the carefree upside-downedness to even look. So, I vote that we use the rest of our years to live with dirty knees and rough feet and cuffs wet from wading too deep in the pond. What is stopping us but our own selves getting in the way?

  6. Nice, Grackle. You made an upside down turn of your own recently. Sheep. Gone over with the sheep. Nice.

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