Our Big Dena

Quetzal came skipping up yesterday mid-morning with both hands behind her back. She was glowing. “Which hand?” she asked.  “Left,” I said. She shook her head. “Right,” I said.  And so in slow motion she brought around her right hand and there it was, the season’s first, a perfectly ripe Big Dena tomato. We stared at it for a few seconds, and then she handed it off to me and we stared a while longer. It seemed like a new center of gravity, a small sun.

Quetzal initially placed the tomato in the very center of our dining room table. Later on she placed it on a cutting board along with her favorite knife. When I returned home from Portsmouth, I noticed she had added a small bouquet of sweet peas to one side. That’s how it showed all last evening, last night, and that’s how the tomato shows right now. The Queen Bride, the first begotten, some new revelation sent down from Saddleback Mountain. Our Big Dena. When we go to eat it, it will be like communion. When we walk through the valleys we will know no evil.  We shall stand as lifted. Yea we will stand as lifted.



9 responses to “Our Big Dena

  1. My thanks – to you and Quetzal and the natural, glowing, ripe-to-bursting fruits of well-loved earth – for this post on this day.

  2. I love how you two look at things. It’s always revelation when you post and it reminds me that I want to look at things with a wide open mind to let in what else might be out there besides the obvious. The obvious is fine. It works fine. I like the spice of seeing what is not obvious.

  3. It is true, Renee-Lucie. I have sworn my life over to revelation, to the one unpaved earth that sails daily from my home all the way around the sun and back. And that also stands daily right out side my door. To all things on the earth, by the earth, and for the earth, all of it being an eternal revelation be it cruel or glorious. Perfectly happy in my ephemerality, but powered by it. To see, to always see, or better, to try and see through and beyond.

  4. I’m grinning and it won’t stop. 😉

  5. Scott. First grinning, then revelation.

  6. Holy tomato!

  7. May I borrow your Quetzal and the Big Dena for a little while, Will? For a little initiation? 🙂 We just picked all our yellow and purple pearls and threw them into last night’s rotini, where they jumped and popped and danced in a company of basil. Every time I cook a fresh summer’s meal I am still reminded of your post of a previous summer, on grilling the vegetables and smearing them on a crusty bread. 🙂

  8. a small sun, indeed

  9. Susan Curtis

    Loved your response to Renee-Lucie

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