My One Small Soul

The sun is just up where I live, so it’s up to me now. This new day, this new light, this unfolding of unused time. See it? How it slips across the dining room table and on out to the pasture? How is rides the backs of the sheep and the small grasses, the stillness? And on out the lane to the road and turning left and right simultaneously? This new day, this new light. It’s up to me now, no doubt. I can do whatever. I can pout, sing, walk twenty miles, I can do whatever. But it won’t always be thus. Because there is the coming of diminishment, the fact of my lessening, the same new days, the same new light, the same unfolding of unused time…but without me. So. So what I’m going to do now is go outside and tend to the animals. All the animals will come running when I show up. Then I’m going to pick beans, both knees firmly in contact with earth, my hands working, the buckets gradually filling, one green, one yellow, this new day spread across my neck, my back, both arms, my one small soul.

11 responses to “My One Small Soul

  1. But we can water the seeds of our own limitlessness.

  2. Alexander Harling

    “this new day spread across my neck, my back, both arms, my one small soul.”

  3. Elegant, simple, powerful!

  4. I like how the light, the stillness “rides the backs of the sheep and the small grasses”. I like how your soul stretches with that light, Will, as it does so well, and magically it fills those buckets of beans, beans and more. So thank you.

    A couple days ago, I was listening to Ross Gay (per IN Chris’ recommend) “To the Mulberry Tree”, and listening once, twice, three times, then I burst into tears. But this reminded me of it again :

  5. Hello B. Indeed, “To the Mulberry Tree” is excellent. Thanks for looking over my writings, I hope all goes swimmingly in AZ.

  6. Anonymous, I hereby name you Kind.

  7. I would find this moving under any circumstances, but more so because my parents’ aging is entering a new – and for me, emotional – phase. Thank you. It feels grounding to have contact with the earth-loving, time-aware perspectives of others.

  8. An “earth-loving, time-aware perspective” is maybe not so unlike “Present-Moment Learning.” Thanks EA.

  9. Was it Rumi who said: you are not a just drop in an ocean but a whole ocean in a drop.

  10. I think so, Bee. Whoever did, it’s brilliant. I never miss a sunrise for so many of the images and feelings evoked here. Thank you!

  11. Susan Curtis

    I am late in reading your posts. Certainly, I was saving the best for last. There is this wonderful feeling in the garden when my knees hit the soil. It is so comfortable…. not unlike putting my feet in the ocean. Your writing always makes room for me to pause. Thanks.

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