Life Will Out

The coldest place on earth reached -88 the other day: Oymakon, Siberia was the place. 500 people live there, raw fish eaters all of them, and one of those hardy 500 is the girl in the photo. Anastasia Gruzdeva is her name. She’s 14. The photo is a selfie, a good one.

The still point of the photo, of course, are Anastasia’s eyes, dark and somewhat piercing in a surround of layers of ice. Is she smiling? I think so. Does the fact of -88 F bother her? I think not. Does she have any idea of how Hollywood she looks?  Maybe. Would she like someday to land in Hollywood and parade around half naked? I hope not. Will she grow up like her mother and grandmothers grew up. Probably. And finally: Do I have some sort of thesis handy to sum up this one-off post? I do. But I must admit that it’s borrowed. To whit:

Life will out.


Photo by Amos Chapple,




3 responses to “Life Will Out

  1. I’m sorry. As beautiful as that looks it seems to me it would hurt. If the saliva freezes why not moisture on eyeball’s surface? Also they don’t look like they have enough clothes on. More clothes! Less western like. More Inuit like! Amazing. I could not do it. Impressive.

  2. Alexander Harling

    Keep up the great work, Will! Hope to see you soon my friend.

  3. Alex. It’s good to hear from you. Where are you these days?

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