With soul, creativity, and love

I came across a new word yesterday in a deli in Dover.  It was written in large on the wall next to where I ordered my sandwich:

MERAKI  (may-rah-kee) (v.) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

I looked at and studied the word meraki  for the full length of time I was in the deli. My phone informed me that meraki  is a contemporary Greek word. I especially like the second part of the definition:

To put something of yourself into your work.

I wasn’t long in the deli before Henry Thoreau came to mind, Thoreau my lodestar.  His Walden is meraki in 50,000 words.

Meraki explains why I built a house and farm from scratch. It’s why I garden and sell vegetables. It’s why I make cheese and build stone walls. It’s why I stand at a place on Saddleback Mountain and look across New Hampshire.

Meraki is why I’m writing this post, this sentence. It’s why I’m pleased to gather the eggs when its -10 .

I could go on, of course.

May meraki follow each of us, cover us, give us direction.

4 responses to “With soul, creativity, and love

  1. Thank you for this blessing!

  2. I love learning new words! Thanks for sharing this one. It’s a keeper.

  3. I love knowing that you (and your family) are walking this good earth.

  4. Lovely . . . I appreciate the word and your amazing farm.

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