Chins Up, Homesteaders!

Just came across this. From the Wall Street Journal Magazine.

Chins up, guys. Really.

Can This Mask Make Jet Lag a Thing of the Past?

The Lumos Smart Sleep Mask, funded by Stanford and NASA, claims to have a cure for your long-haul travel hangover


Why Personal Tech is Depressing

It’s more than Instagram envy. And thanks to our ever-increasing digital dependence, it’s likely to get worse

This Robot Will Handle Your Divorce Free of Charge

A chatbot called DoNotPay has saved motorists millions in parking fines—without charging a cent. It’s next target: divorce law

Meet the Robots Helping in the Quest to Find Extraterrestrial Life

Today, robots roam the deep seas and the slopes of volcanoes. Their next mission: the search for life beyond earth

Is Mass Customization the Future of Footwear?

The partnership between Adidas and 3-D-printing startup Carbon Inc. could usher in a new era of bespoke shoes

‘Alexa, Can You Prevent Suicide?’

How Amazon trains its AI to handle the most personal questions imaginable

The Quest to Build a Better Condom

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation set out to disrupt an ancient, outdated medical technology. Here, the three most promising entries

The Troubled Marriage of Brains and Computers

Neurotechnology could make science fiction dreams a reality. But a pioneer in the field is already sounding alarms

How MDMA Went From Club Drug to ‘Breakthrough Therapy’

Better known as ‘ecstasy,’ it’s emerging as one of the most promising treatments for PTSD

Protecting Against AI’s Existential Threat

How to avoid the nightmare scenario of artificial intelligence? According to researchers from Elon Musk’s OpenAI, the trick is teaching machines to keep our interests in mind

Artificial Intelligence—With Very Real Biases

According to AI Now co-founder Kate Crawford, digital brains can be just as error-prone and biased as ours

One response to “Chins Up, Homesteaders!

  1. Oh my lord. What will they think of next? Hmmm mmm mmm. My chin is up.

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