A Truthful Account of Things

Just took the photo fifteen minutes ago. And growing (flourishing)  inside the middle house is live spinach and baby kale and the first sign of arugula. So let it snow to my waist, the winds wail. I’ve got greens, spinach salad w/today’s eggs, and at least 20 more baby carrots. Baby carrots and a blizzard! See them there on the table last night haloing plates of kale, roasted walnuts, and goat cheese. And an hour ago Quetzal and I snowshoeing up to the waterfall, and Quetzal and I both leaning in close in the snow, face to the water, drinking, snow-water drinking, down from all sides of Saddleback Mountain, that cold earth love that catapults you well into your 90’s and erases all but the darkest of your sins, soul savior, homeboy…

4 responses to “A Truthful Account of Things

  1. “cold earth love” . . . beautiful.

  2. Ahhh, baby carrots, snow ice cream, maple syrup snow candy and mountain life force pouring right into your heart, you guys have it all! Happy Spring! 🙂

  3. Susan Curtis

    Yes, what a day of snow and blustery wind. Yes, let it snow to our waist. Yes, snowshoe to the waterfall. Yes, share the water with Quetzal. Yes, snip the spinach, shell the eggs, and slice the carrots. Yes, share the March harvest with your family. Yes,erase but never forget your darkest sins. You, my friend, understand the importance of life’s gifts. This was a very sweet posting and I have enjoyed this snow more than most for a very long time.

  4. Quetzal, Quetzal, most blessed of young women! A wonderful life! Snow water drinking. Love this post! I can just imagine what it feels like to be a baby carrot snug as a bug in the long house.

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