Floating Around in the Land of Diminished Wonder

We have a freshly cut bouquet of lilacs on the dining table just now, and the reason I’m telling you this is because I didn’t put them there. Quetzal put them there. I used to put May lilacs on the table. In the 1980’s in Batesville, Virginia I put lilacs on the table. In the 1990’s in Colorado I did. In the early 2000’s in Columbus I did. But these last years in New Hampshire: Have I cut lilacs for the table? No.

And it’s just five minutes ago that I realized this. And I don’t understand why. How is it that I gave up on lilacs? How is it that I didn’t even think about lilacs?

My forgetting to place lilacs on the table suggests that I’m floating around in the land of diminished wonder.

How does one keep the wheels wholly on? How does one live always in the land of sustained and vigorous wonder?

Does the black crow at 15 years forget to fly to the tiptop of the mountain for no other reason than to be there? Do worms forget the good lands 8 inches over?

Someone tell me: How does one always remember not to fall off the earth?

5 responses to “Floating Around in the Land of Diminished Wonder

  1. The lucky among us forget wonder just long enough to return to it anew.

  2. To everything there is a season ….

  3. My dad always put May lilacs on the table. I put May lilacs on the table until I couldn’t find them any more. Wonder seems to be just out of my reach these days but I’m hoping it will come back. I don’t think it’s something you can command.

  4. Right here, Will, your words sound to me like the most vigorous wonder. Thank you for sharing that addictive wonder. 🙂

  5. I think I’d beg to differ. Sometimes I choose to marvel at the clouds, even though I really don’t have time to marvel. I think it’s a choice. But you do have to be reminded to choose to stop and gaze at the world. I am reminded to marvel at the earth and the luck to be here when I am stressed and I take a deep breath outside, and when folks around me talk about the TV shows they recently watched. (Sometimes I slide a comment in about the entertainment of sitting under a big tree, just to watch the strange reactions!)

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