Photo: Donna Thud

Always on a rainy, late Saturday night you can find a photo that surprises. You may have to look over 6,000 to find but one, but still…

A photo by Lorenzo Mittiga.  Dona Thud. Dona lives on Bonaire, an island off the coast of Venezuela.  At last count she was somewhere into her 90’s.

(Consider clicking on the photo to better appreciate it.)

The white shift, the white hair, the advanced age, and yet the palpable sense of confidence, foreknowledge. aggression even.

Her arms the stuff of the ocean, her stare, and surely her soul, too. Her elbows warding off just about everything.

She reads like a siren Ulysses may have encountered on his long journey home.

A women comfortable in her skin and ideas, and quick to tell you so.

And the ocean: foreboding, patient, heartless, eternal, a heart mate.



2 responses to “Photo: Donna Thud

  1. She is the embodiment of “Old Age Ain’t No Place For Sissies.” Marvelous. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Oh to be this confident, determined and seemingly well at her age.

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