The Perpendicular Bean

Last week in the rains, a frog leaped out from a row of yellow beans I was harvesting to land directly in my bucket about three feet away. As the bucket was almost full, and as I was on my knees, the frog and I were instantly eye-to-eye and intimate, his eyes showing greenish-yellow, mine maybe grayish-blue.
And as I didn’t say anything, and the frog didn’t say anything, we became close-up studies for each other, two strangers trying on their best Tao.

But before too long I reached for a bean and tossed it, a long yellow bean in short flight across the divide to land perfectly perpendicular across the frog’s back and balancing there like a see-saw. The frog, greenish all over and web-footed, bumpy, squat and handsome. Yet not moving. Not flinching. Not twitching or pooping. All the frog could muster, it seemed, was double down.

So I did likewise. I doubled down. There in the mud holding steady and watching the frog, the balancing yellow bean. His skin, my skin. His feet, my feet. His heart, my heart. Our shared equilibrium, our shared jostle of bones, grievances, sunsets, our in-creeping earthly disappearance. Man and frog maybe not so dissimilar after all.

And then unannounced the frog jumped and so disappeared into the same row of beans he had emerged from.

That’s how it ended.

When I looked in the bucket for the perpendicular bean, it was all just yellow.

4 responses to “The Perpendicular Bean

  1. Gorgeous. I love how you string words together. “two strangers trying on their Taoist way” and “shared jostle of bones, grievances, sunsets, our in-creeping earthly disappearance”. I can read this over and over again. Very nice.

  2. Hello Renee. Thanks for taking a second to comment. I appreciate your highlighting a few of my sentences. I never tire of putting sentences together.

  3. Have you eaten those beans yet ?

  4. Nicole, I have eaten those beans. Several times over. w/ butter and salt. a huge pile on our biggest plates. And Quetzal reaching over and eating them too and licking her fingers after

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