Boy With Circles

Round eyes, round face, round cheeks, round head, round arms, round belly, round circles. round fingers, wrists, bracelets, fingernails, knuckles.

Round veins, too.

Notice the arms/hands to the left of the boy. Their limpness. It’s like their owner is sleeping. Or dead even.

Notice the arms and hands holding the boy. They remind me of my mother’s arms and hands when she held me at that age. Any time we were around strangers or in a strange place or waiting extra-long for an ice cream cone, she held me in just the same way.

I am certain that the carefully articulated white circles on the boy’s face and body have significant meaning. Just like the unique, small-billed Mennonite black hat that I wore when I was his age carried significant meaning.

Notice how the boy’s face is framed by the adorned (pink) arms. Notice the juxtaposing splashes of green. Notice again the limp arms. The visual effect is a countenance of remarkable presence. You can look a long time at the boy’s face.

I do not know the name of the photographer.  I do not know where I found the photo or when. Sorry.


4 responses to “Boy With Circles

  1. Thanks Will. A pleasure to contemplate.

  2. renee benoit

    They’re not limp. They’re holding their arms in so they will be in the photograph. All the same. Great photograph. I’m always amazed at the beauty and creativity of the tribal person, the unsophisticated person, in their dress and self decoration. For example would we, as Americans, ever think of painting our faces a color and then drawing or imprinting circles all over? I think this is simply wonderful.

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