On Surprise

The Pulitzers were announced yesterday, and because I admire photography and because a Pulitzer is awarded each year for photography, I just now went looking for a good one, for a surprise.

Here’s what I found:

‘”A child carries a basket containing a Gambian rat and a monkey arm.”

I’ll not comment on the photo. You get it straight up.

But I will comment on “surprise,” on how we love to be surprised. A joke, a glance, a sentence, a black hole, a burning cathedral…we love surprises. Because surprises kill (momentarily) life’s endless flood of mundanities.

We love surprises even when they come at a cost to other people. When that happens (if we even think about it), we’re quick to voice justifications and hide our red faces.


The photo is by Lynn Johnson. She did not win this year, but she was close.




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