Cat on the left. Owl on the right.

Last night at about 2:30, I woke and noticed our cat was sitting on the windowsill and looking out at the night. There was a large moon and the darkness was bright, and I was awake but not really. But then I noticed the cat’s ears and understood that I had been looking at the night only as framed by her ears. Which surprised me. And then a second surprise. In the tree directly outside the window sat an owl, a Barred owl. He was facing the house, was brightened just slightly by the moon, and appeared to be looking in the window. I looked at the cat, then at the owl, the cat on the left, the owl on the right, and wondered if they were they looking at each other, if there was some vague connection. I kept watching, but nothing happened. Nothing but mystery and the beauty of mystery. And that’s all. That’s how it was last night roundabout 2:30. Cat, owl, man, plus a moon inching towards tomorrow.

4 responses to “Cat on the left. Owl on the right.

  1. I live on the same mountain as you and I have a cat. I sleep by a large window and often see the moon. I am often awake at 2:30. Why don’t these special events happen to me! Wilmer Frey, I do believe you are charmed. Hey, I was going to make a joke about clowns and jokers but thought better of it.

  2. 3:00 am tributes – or thereabouts.

  3. Hello Nicole. Happy living to you.

  4. Clowns to the left of me… …stuck in middle…

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