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Everyone I know needs a body cast to get though tonight and all day tomorrow. And that includes me. But let’s change the subject.

…and so on Wednesday in good fall weather they moved all their furniture onto the sidewalk, signed it free, sweep the floors, locked the door, placed the key in the box with a note, a brief note, and then walked, arms free, down to the bus station. Which one, they said, looking up at the possibilities. I know, she said. The one going west. Okay, he said. And so theirs was the bus going west. And now trees slipped by and small goats running, kids painting a door, and later that afternoon a lake, a lake with no boats whatsoever, just blue water, blue water forever. And it seemed a sign, a possibility. It’s where we’re going, she said. Yes, he said. Moving blue water. And they pressed their noses to the window, and their knees touched, and the world was westward and blue. And later into the night now, the bus climbing, working, the two of them neither sure nor unsure, blessed nor unblessed, but bound together with hearts beating and the great unknown. And boughten sandwiches. One each to break together at first light…


In Antigua

Always when I land in Guatemala am I struck by the gross unfairness of human society. One doesn’t need to visit Guatemala to pick up on this unfairness, of course, but still.  Fifteen minutes into a cab ride out from Guatemala City and unfairness is the only air available.

Yet everywhere here there is great beauty: The tribes of people in their traditional clothes; the palpable affection Guatemalans have for each other and family; the centuries-old architecture; the eons-old landscape; the beautiful faces of children as they shout and play tag in pure squalor. Continue reading